Are the donated leave days coordinated with the New Jersey and/or Federal Family leave acts?

Yes. Donated leave time awarded will run concurrently with the New Jersey and Federal Family leave acts and will be charged against any leave entitlement. However, you must formally request family leave.

Can I designate which employees will receive the time that I donate?

No. Your donations are made to the bank, not to an individual.

Can I recover my donated time if I later need it or change my mind?

No, donations are non-refundable.

Does the awarded donated leave time count towards sick time payout at retirement?


How are the days received from the bank reflected on my record in the Absence Reporting?

The HR Supervisor will transfer the appropriate number of donated days into your record on the Absence Reporting System.

How can I receive additional information describing the plan?

Visit the University Human Resources webpage on compassionate leave, or contact University Human Resources Benefits Office at 848-932-3990.

How do I donate days to the donated leave bank?

Complete a Donation to Bank form and submit the completed form to University Human Resources.

How do I request use of donated leave days?

Complete a Donated Leave Bank Application for Use form and submit the completed form to your supervisor for review and sign-off. Donated leave time must be requested in advance and time will not be granted retroactively.

How soon in advance should I apply for donated leave?

Apply as soon as you know that you have a need for donated leave.

How will I be notified when my donated leave request has been approved/denied?

University Human Resources will notify your supervisor of the determination, and your supervisor will notify you.

May I request additional donated leave days if I cannot return to work and I have used all of the donated leave days I originally requested?

Yes, you may request additional days, up to a maximum of 30 donated leave days per fiscal year.

Must I use all of my AL and PH days in addition to sick and vacation days?

Yes, you must have exhausted all available leave, including AL and PH days, in order to qualify for assistance under the program.

Should I apply for donated leave before or after I apply for Temporary Disability, Worker’s Compensation, Long Term Disability or Disability Retirement?

If you are requesting donated leave time for your own care, you must use donated leave prior to filing through another program. Any eligible programs would commence at the cessation of the donated leave.

What happens if I return to work before I have used all of my donated leave days?

Any unused donated leave time will be returned to the donated leave bank. When you return to work, your supervisor must notify University Human Resources by calling 848-932-3990.

What is considered a catastrophic illness?

A severe condition or combination of conditions affecting the physical and/or mental health of the employee or eligible family member that requires treatment by a licensed practitioner. The catastrophic illness has resulted in a life threatening condition and/or has a major impact on life functions for a prolonged period of time resulting in a minimum of 160 continuous hours of missed work, prorated to part-time percentage.

What is required of the department in order to pay the employee donated leave?

Granted Compassionate Leave days are charged to the employees’ department, therefore, if the employee is on leave without pay when the request is approved, the department should return the employee to pay status by selecting the action “Paid Leave of Absence” in the Human Capital Management system.

What is the compassionate leave program?

The Compassionate Leave Program is a donated leave bank benefit for qualified employees who are experiencing medical hardship, either their own or that of an immediate family member (spouse, same sex civil union or same sex domestic partner, child, parent or parent-in-law) who requires the employee’s direct care.

What is the maximum amount of days that may be donated?

No more than 100 vacation and or sick days may be donated. Donors are required to maintain a minimum of 15 sick days and 15 vacation days for their own personal use.

What is the maximum number of donated leave days that can be awarded to an employee?

An employee will receive no more than 30 donated leave days per fiscal year.

Who is eligible to donate days to the donated leave bank?

Eligible Administrative (members of URA-AFT); Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) employees; and employees who are members of AFSCME Local 888, AFSCME Local 1761, FOP-S, IAFF Local 5082, or HPAE Local 5094 may donate available sick or vacation time. All donations are voluntary, confidential, and non-refundable.

Who is eligible to receive donated days from the Compassionate Leave Program?

Administrative (members of URA-AFT); Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) employees; and employees who are members of AFSCME Local 888, AFSCME Local 1761, FOP-S, IAFF Local 5082, or HPAE Local# 5094 are eligible if they have:

  • Been employed by the university for a minimum of one year, without a record of prior discipline resulting in suspension or termination.
  • Requested time for care of self or immediate family member suffering from a catastrophic health condition for a prolonged period of time.
  • Have exhausted all of their available paid time-off days.

Who pays for the Compassionate Leave Days granted to an Employee?

Since the employee is placed back in active pay status, the department is charged for the granted Compassionate Leave days. Therefore, the supervisor must approve the request for the Compassionate Leave days.

Will I continue to accrue paid time off while using donated leave time?