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Bidding Process

The Bidding Process for 888 Postings

Promotional opportunities and vacant positions in Local 888 (craft, service, and maintenance) are announced weekly on postings. These announcements include the job number and title, a generic scope and function statement and requirements, special conditions, salary range, seniority unit, date posted, removal date, deadline date for the receipt of bids, 10-month or 12-month position distinction, and funding source.

Positions To Be Posted

All regular 12- or 10-month vacant positions of twenty (20) hours or more per week, that are to be filled and are included within the 888 bargaining unit, will be posted.


  • Employees working twenty (20) hours a week or more who have been employed in their present position for a period of at least six (6) months
  • Casual and temporary employees are not eligible to bid. They may apply for vacancies when positions are placed into open recruitment (see Additional Candidates noted below).

Posting Announcements

888 postings (orange sheets) can be found in our University Human Resources (UHR) office or your shop steward can advise you of other nearby posting locations. These jobs are usually announced on Wednesday. The bid acceptance date will always appear on each posting.

How To Apply

To be considered as a candidate for a posted position, eligible employees (bidders) must complete a bid form and submit it to the University Human Resources office by 9 a.m. on the date indicated for each position of interest. Applicants should list all related education and work experience that details how they meet the posted requirements. Other information may be submitted as well.
Bidders who meet the posted requirements will have their bid form forwarded to the departmental hiring authority for consideration. Bidders will be contacted by the hiring manager to schedule an interview.

Additional Candidates

When there are no bidders to be considered, University Human Resources will introduce additional qualified candidates to the hiring department for their consideration. These may include bidders who submitted bid forms after the deadline date, other Rutgers employees, casual employees, and external applicants. These applicants can submit a resume and/or application with a voluntary disclosure form to UHR for each position of interest.

Frequency of Applying for a Posted Position

There is no limitation on the number of times an eligible employee may bid on posted positions, except that after an employee has been successful, the employee must wait six months before bidding on another position.

Selection of Candidates

  • Rutgers shall promote the employee in the seniority unit with the greatest Rutgers seniority from among those employees who bid and meet the posted requirements unless, as between or among such employees there is an appreciable difference in their ability to do the job or unless the senior employee does not have the ability to perform the particular job. Where the senior employee does not have the ability to perform the particular job, Rutgers shall promote the bidder with the greatest Rutgers seniority who has the ability to perform the particular job. A bidder who does not meet the posted requirements of a particular job will not be interviewed for the job. An employee thus promoted shall be placed on a ninety (90) calendar day promotional probationary period. If the employee is removed from the new job during the probationary period, he/she will be returned to his/her former job.

Please contact University Human Resources at 848-932-3020, if you have any questions.