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Employment Verification

Employment status and salary verification is an important step in confirming an employee’s eligibility for certain home and automotive loans, personal credit, social services financial assistance, and establishing an employee’s salary history for the purposes of new employment, among other applications. These verifications may be required when applying for a mortgage, leasing an apartment, renting or purchasing a car, establishing credit, applying for a new job or any other instance where proof of employment or income is needed.

At Rutgers University, we use a third-party vendor, uConfirm, to verify non-HCPRREA employment status and salary history for our employees. uConfirm is a leading national provider of employment verification solutions, and employees should refer any third-parties seeking employment status or salary verification to use the uConfirm process.

In order for third-party verifiers to receive verification of a Rutgers’ employee’s non-HCPRREA salary history and employment status verifiers should:

  • Visit the uConfirm website. Verifiers will be asked to register with the uConfirm system and create a new account before they can proceed
  • uConfirm's toll-free Customer Support line at (866) 312-8266.

Please note:

  • Pursuant to the Health Care Professional Responsibility and Reporting Enhancement Act (HCPRREA), (P.L. 2005, c. 83, effective October 30, 2005) which enables health care entities to exchange certain information regarding the performance of health care professionals, health care entities seeking to verify employment/service information for a current or formerly employed health care professional are to fax their written request to Rutgers University at (732) 932-0046.
  • For student workers verification please contact Student Employment at 848-932-8817.


Guidelines for Employment Verification

In order to protect confidential employee information, the following guidelines should be followed when asked to verify an employee’s salary history and employment status:

  • Employees are ultimately responsible for authorizing the release of their information to third-party verifying organizations or to themselves. In order to authorize the release of information, a verifier will provide an employee with an authorization release form.  After signed by the employee, the verifier will submit this document to uConfirm when they complete the verification process.
  • All requests for information about current or past employees are provided by Rutgers University Human Resources or its authorized agents, such as uConfirm; 
  • University departments are not authorized to release any employee information to individuals or agencies outside of Rutgers, except as specifically authorized by University Human Resources or the Office of General Counsel.  This policy is designed to protect Rutgers University and employees from any potential liability.
  • It is Rutgers’ policy to protect the confidentiality of information concerning current and past employees and to release only designated types of information under limited circumstances.

Rutgers Employees Requesting Employment Verification Letters for Themselves

In order to request a letter verifying their own employment with the university, Rutgers employees should follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. The employee should contact the uConfirm customer support desk at 1-866-312-8266, ext. 2.  The employee should specify on the phone that s/he is an employee of Rutgers University, requesting verification of employment for themselves;
  2. uConfirm will send the employee a Verification of Employment (VOE) request form to be completed and returned.
  3. Once the employee completes the VOE form, it is sent back to uConfirm via the contact methods listed on the form for processing. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR EMPLOYEES REQUESTING VERIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT FOR THEMSELVES. Once processing has been completed, uConfirm will send the employee the verification letter.

If any employee has any questions or needs assistance, they may contact uConfirm’s customer support at 1 866 312 8266 extension 2.