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There two different types of termination:

  • Employee-Initiated Resignation:Voluntary termination for any reason other than formal retirement.
  • Supervisor-Initiated Termination: Termination requested by the supervisor.

When an employee leaves the department or the university, this checklist can be used to ensure a smooth transition.

(Note: This checklist below is designed for most University employees. Individual departments and employees may require additional or different actions or arrangements upon separation. Please consult your divisional/departmental policies for special requirements.)

Before the employee leaves:

Taking the following steps prior to separation (time and circumstances permitting) will help facilitate a smooth transition.

  • Employee should notify you of the separation date as soon as possible so that you can submit a Termination Request in Manager Self Service in the HCM system.
  • Direct your employee to refer to the OneSource Knowledge portal for information about benefits at Termination.
  • Inform your employee to contact Parking and Transportation Services regarding reimbursement for time remaining on a University parking permit.
  • Inform your employee to contact Payroll Services if their home address will change before W2 forms are mailed.

When the employee leaves:

Ensure the following steps are taken to facilitate an orderly transition of functions.

Your employee should:

  • Turn in all keys and access cards to their supervisor.
  • Turn in one-time password tokens (for example, Secure ID, SAFEWORD) to their supervisor. 

The following are additional steps that should be taken if have specific access to University property and financial resources. 

Your employee should:

  • Return University equipment (pagers, cell phones, computers, tools, etc.) to your department.
  • Return petty cash funds to your department
  • Check with you to ensure all cash advances are cleared.
  • Update the documentation of work processes for which the employee had primary responsibility.

Special Materials

If the employee works directly with Hazardous or Controlled Materials, these additional steps may be required.

  • Ensure all chemicals, radioactive materials, and other hazardous materials or samples are properly labeled, stored, and/or disposed.
  • Visually inspect your work area prior to separation for any hazardous or controlled materials that are not stored properly. Secure all hazardous materials. Contact Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety (REHS) if you have specific questions.
  • Require employee to turn in any radiation dose monitoring badges to REHS.