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Classification Assistance for Legacy UMDNJ Positions -- Resources and Templates

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In order to ensure that each Department has the staffing resources it needs, and that positions are properly aligned internally and that the Department is competitive with the marketplace in which we compete, we offer the job analysis and job evaluation programs for Legacy UMDNJ units. These programs take into account the duties and responsibilities of the position. 

New Positions

A new position is one that will be used for the first time in a department. It is not a position that is occupied by a previous employee. 


A reclassification occurs when the duties an employee performs no longer correspond to the duties indicated on the existing position description or the needs of the organization change. 

Resources & Templates

To provide classification assistance for departments, we rely on the supervisor to provide the following information:

Job Description Overview

There are two types of job descriptions utilized for Legacy UMDNJ positions:

  1. The Competency-Based Job Description is required for all Operating Units that require The Joint Commission review
  2. The Standard Job Description applies to all other positions.

Competency-Based Job Description
(for facilities requiring The Joint Commission review)

Developing a Competency-Based Job Description is the first basic step to competency validation. A Competency-Based Job Description should include the job summary / objective / essential duties of the job, requirements, legal compliance, primary source verification and patient populations to whom care is to be delivered (if applicable). This information must be defined clearly in the job description along with ADA physical demands and work environment. The resources below provide a template for creating a Competency-Based Job Description as well as a glossary of terms regarding specific and/or mandated guidelines.

Helpful Tips for converting a Competency-Based Job Description/Performance Appraisal to Competency-Based Job Description format 

We recommend using a Competency-Based Job Description for all clinical positions, even if the unit does not require Joint Commission Review.  

Standard Job Description

A standard job description should also include the job summary / objective, essential duties of the job, requirements, legal compliance, and work environment. Each of these items should be clearly defined in the job description. 

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Glossary: Specific and/or Mandated Criteria

Customer Service Statement Suggestion:

Acts as a role model for customer service and improved quality. (May be included in all supervisory and managerial job descriptions.)

Leadership Statement Suggestion:

Outstanding human relations and leadership skills and the ability to function in a team environment are required. Knowledge of how to accomplish superior performance in a unionized environment is preferred. (May be included in all supervisory and managerial job descriptions.)

Substitution Clause: 

Equivalent experience, education and/or training may be substituted for the education requirements.

Workplace Diversity Statement: 

Supports the University’s Workplace Diversity/EEO goals and objectives concerning employment and promotional opportunities.  (To be included in all supervisory and managerial job descriptions).

Additional Resources:

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Quick Tips:

  1. Ensure a quicker turnaround for approval of new positions, reclassifications and revised job descriptions by using our Job Description Templates (available online in the Legacy UMDNJ Jobs Library) and sending them electronically to Compensation Services;
  2. Use the Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ) to expedite the reclassification process;
  3. Submit an updated organizational chart with incumbents’ titles; for new initiatives/restructuring, submit current and proposed organizational chart(s);
  4. Attach each incumbent’s updated resume and job description and incumbents’ titles and names to expedite the reclassification process;
  5. Manager/Supervisor should review (and revise if necessary) their employees’ job descriptions each year during the Performance Appraisal cycle.

Please Note:

Compensation Services sends out an acknowledgement or contacts the requestor upon receipt of a request.  Please follow up if your request has not been acknowledged.

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