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COLT and 888 Staff Recruitment Resources

This checklist is a step-by-step guide to assist you with the recruitment and selection process of COLT and Local 888 staff.

Screening and Interviewing Bidders

  • A University Human Resources (UHR) representative will review the qualifications of the bidders against the posted requirements and forward the qualified bidders to you.
  • If there are no qualified bidders, proceed to the steps that review the recruitment, screening, and interviewing of other qualified candidates.

Selection and Offer Process

  • If a bidder has been identified as the final candidate, conduct reference checks.
  • Once a final candidate has been identified, notify the human resources representative handling your case and he/she will offer the position to the bidder.
  • Note: Qualified bidders have the contractual right to grieve non-selection in which case the hiring authority would be required to explain why the grievant was not selected.
  • If a bidder accepts the offer, the human resources representative and the bidder coordinate release date with the bidder's current supervisor. The Absence Record is updated by the bidder's current department prior to them starting the new position. If requested, your human resources representative will provide salary information.
  • Note: For 888 bidders, according to the AFSCME Local 888 contract, Article 9, section C, when promoted there is an additional 90-calendar-day promotional probationary period. If the employee is removed from the new job during the probationary period, he/she shall be returned to his/her former job.
  • If a bidder rejects the offer when other bidders are available, repeat the prior three steps.
  • If a bidder rejects the offer when no other bidders are available, proceed to recruitment, screening and interviewing other qualified candidates’ guidelines.

Screening, Interviewing and offer (other AFSCME 888 and COLT qualified candidates)

Steps for Recruitment:
  1. If there are no bidders, or if bidders are no longer under consideration for the position, the human resources representative will discuss with you additional recruiting efforts and/or other qualified candidates.
    • Bidder: The term bidder refers to an AFSCME Local 1761 or AFSCME Local 888 union-eligible employee who has been in his/her current position for at least six months, works a 20 hour work week minimum, and who applies for a posted position within the allotted time.
  2. Qualified applications are forwarded for you to review, conduct interviews, check references, and identify the final candidate.
Making an Offer
  • The respective human resources office will make the offer to the final candidate and the new department will generate the offer letter. The template for offer letters can be found on the UHR Sakai Library website (contact your assigned Human Resources Consultant if you need access to the UHR Sakai Library).
  • The offer letter will be signed by the final candidate and returned to the hiring unit. Once the offer letter is received, the designated HR Preparer must initiate the appointment of the new hire in the HCM/Payroll system by completing the “New Hire Template” at which time the offer letter should be attached. For detailed instructions on how to attach the offer letter please visit the RIAS website.