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Faculty Background Checks - Guidelines (Class 1 and Class 7)

  • All new Class 1 and Class 7 postings are required to be posted within ROCS; any other Faculty positions are optional at this time.
  • Postings should be open to the public for 5 full business days.
  • For Class 7 postings with multiple openings, departments may select multiple Finalists against one posting.
  • For Class 7 – PTL-Recurring posting:
    - Only applies to those PTL’s that teach consecutive semesters (i.e. fall/spring)
    - Posting should be “approved internal” only
    - Multiple hires can be made against this posting
    - No upload of documents is required
    - Applicants need to only apply one time
  • All applicants must be approved by EEO prior to being interviewed. All applicants must be dispositioned into the appropriate state.
  • Authorizer 02- Faculty responsibilities:
    - Posting the position
    - Ensure dispositions are complete for all applicants
    - Advancing the position through the appropriate workflow states (i.e. Filled, Canceled, etc.)
  • On Faculty postings, the individual and email identified in the background check recipient will receive any correspondence in regards to the background check.
  • Please add the following verbiage to all Class 1 and Class 7 offer letters:
    “Offer is contingent upon successful completion of all pre-employment screenings.”
  • Individuals hired into any university staff or faculty position will be required to have a background check performed prior to the commencement of employment, with results deemed acceptable by the university as a condition of employment. This requirement is applicable to these individuals:
    a.) Individuals who have never been previously employed by the university in any capacity;
    b.) Individuals who have been previously employed by the university in any capacity but have never undergone a background check;
    c.) Individuals who have been previously employed by the university and have undergone a background check but have had a break in service of over 365 days from their last date of pay listed in the university’s payroll system;
    d.) Individuals who have previously held non-permanent positions and are applying for permanent positions; and/or
    e.) Individuals who are currently employed by the university and are moving to a new position that requires a background check as per state or federal law and/or as a qualification for the position.
  • An offer of employment will not be final and commencement of employment not permitted until the completion of the background check with results deemed acceptable by the university, unless an exception is sought by the department and granted under extraordinary circumstance or for specific purposes by the Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness or his or her designee. Employment may be denied or rescinded based upon the results of the background check.