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FAQ - Background Check

Does the University have a Background Check policy?

Yes, the policy can be found under the UHR Policy Library.

What step/role does the department play in the background check process?

Departments will continue to utilize ROCS for their hires and move candidates through the workflow, once a successful candidate has been identified the department must move the candidate to “Finalist” state in ROCS. Once in the “Finalist” state UHR will begin the Background Check Investigation “BGI” process.

How are the departments notified of the status during the background check and who receives the certification?

Authorized ROCS users for the department will be able to review the status of the BGI process for a candidate in the ROCS system. Additionally, once the BGI is complete the Department HR Liaison/HR Generalist will receive the BGI certification letting them know if the individual can be hired.

When should the template-based hire be submitted into HCM?

The template-based hire should be submitted in HCM once the department has both the signed offer letter and BGI certification.

Have the Staff offer letters been revised in Sakai?

Yes, all Class 1 (Staff), Class 3 and Class 4 template offer letters have been updated on the Sakai website.

How much time does the BGI (Background Investigation) process take?

The basic background check investigation takes an average of 10 business days from the date of consent by the candidate, provided there is not potential adverse information found. A JCAHO check takes an average of 15 business days from the date of consent by the candidate, provided there is no potential adverse information found.

Are the background check results shared with the departments? Who reviews them?

The results of background check investigations are confidential and will be reviewed in UHR with the BGI team.

Who makes the final hiring determination?

UHR makes the final determination if a candidate is eligible for hire.

If potentially adverse information is found, what does the adverse action process look like?

If an adverse result comes back on a background check, the candidate is provided a copy of the report and a pre-adverse action letter, the candidate then has 5 business days to respond.

Who determines the background check package requested for the position?

All positions will require a minimum of a criminal background check, social security number verification, and sex offender database check. Any additional screens will be determined based on the position and in conjunction with the hiring department.

Is there a paper application process for candidates who may not have access to computers?

All job applications must be completed online through the ROCS system, additionally the background investigation consent is done electronically.

Do foreign nationals also get a background check?

Yes, foreign nationals also undergo a background check.

What is the background process for interns/volunteers?

At this time the process for interns/volunteers will remain the same as it was done prior to 3/26/18. UHR is looking at the process to stream line them, further communication regarding these populations is forthcoming.

For what faculty positions are background checks required?

Class 1, Class 7 and Class 8

What is an “Evergreen” posting?

An “Evergreen” posting is a posting that is active for up to a year and will continually accept applications (applicants should continuously be properly dispositioned).

Are background checks required for verbal offers that were made for Class 8 positions prior to December 24, 2018?

No. For all Class 8 offers made PRIOR to 12/24/18, background checks are not required. UHR will issue a “No Background Check Required” certification which can be uploaded into HCM.

Are Class 8 positions required to be posted in the ROCS system?

Yes. All Class 8 positions must be posted in ROCS as of 12/24/18. To request a posting exception, please email

What background check verbiage should be included in Faculty (Class 1, 7 and 8) offer letters?

“All offers of employment are contingent upon successful completion of all applicable pre-employment screenings.”