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Life Events

Welcome to Life Events, a guide to information and decisions you may need to consider at times of significant change in your own personal or professional life or that of an employee.

Please note that this Life Events website is intended as a quick reference for information and assistance. However, it is not the definitive resource on university policy and procedures. For details regarding university policies, please consult the University Policy Library, specific collective negotiations agreement, or program description document.

Birth or Adoption

As a result of your change in family status, you may wish to look into the different options offered by UHR.

Change Address Information

Update your information to ensure your records are up to date and accurate.

Change in Employment Status

When you maintain your employment at Rutgers, but change your employment status, your benefits may be affected. Click here to learn more about different options that will aid you in this transition.

Change Legal Name

The University has many federal and state reporting obligations that require all financial business records to utilize full legal name and social security number to identify employees. Particularly, the reports due for end-of-year income tax purposes are pulled from the university’s employee records and must match the legal name identified on a social security card.

Submit a Chosen Name

Rutgers University recognizes that members of the university community use names other than their legal names. Employees can determine the chosen first name that you want to be known by within Rutgers’ systems. Rutgers reserves the right to remove a name that does not meet our standards.

Death of a Family Member

Certain benefits may be affected by the death of a spouse/same-sex domestic or civil union partner, or child. 

Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Union/Same-Sex Domestic Partnership

Changes to records and benefit coverage levels may be appropriate as a result of your divorce or dissolution of a civil union/same-sex domestic partnership.

Layoff Information

Employees are encouraged to meet with a member of the human resources staff to guide them through the layoff process.

Leave Of Absence

 This information is intended to inform you of medical or family leaves of absence or other university leaves of absence that may be available to you and your benefits while you are on a leave of absence without salary

Marriage or Civil Union/Same-Sex Domestic Partnership

Changes to records and benefit coverage levels may be necessary as a result of your marriage or establishment of a civil union/same-sex domestic partnership.


Learn about important information to prepare for a successful retirement, access valuable resources about all of Social Security and Medicare programs and guidelines, including information before and after retirement, as well as pertinent forms and contact information.

Termination of Employment

There is important information employees must know if they face termination.

When an Employee Leaves Rutgers

There are different ways an employee can leave Rutgers, and there is important information about each one.