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Benefits Assistance Program (BAP) Supplemental Life Insurance Plan

The Benefits Assistance Program (BAP) Supplemental Life Insurance Plan is offered by the MetLife Insurance Company, and will provide additional coverage for eligible employees in legacy UMDNJ positions beyond the State-issued life insurance benefits for employees enrolled in a State-supported retirement plan. This benefit is available to employees earning in excess of the $280,000 cap on employer contributions for retirement benefits as outlined in the Federal Revenue Reconciliation Act's annual cap.

The term life insurance plan has a basic benefit of three and half times an employee’s annual base salary with a maximum benefit of $560,000. Coverage is reduced by 35% at age 70. The applicable imputed income will appear on the employee’s year-end W2. The employee's policy will cease on the last day of employment.

To enroll in a BAP Supplemental Term Life Insurance plan, an employee in a legacy UMDNJ position will have to sign a Pension and Life Insurance After-Tax Benefits Assistance Program (BAP) Election/Waiver form for implementation and for any future eligible changes.

Eligible employees are also given the opportunity to enroll in the After-Tax Annuity Option plan and/or the Supplemental Term Life Insurance plan during a special open enrollment for the BAP program in April of each year with coverage effective the same year, prospectively. Supplemental Life Insurance coverage will be effective in July for employees who enroll during the open enrollment period in April.

Employees will be given a one-time opportunity to enroll in the Supplemental Life Insurance plan. This opportunity is given at the time an employee first becomes eligible and during the special open enrollment. Waiving Supplemental Life Insurance coverage will be considered to be an irrevocable decision.