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Paid Time Off for Rutgers Positions


The above link will provide you with Vacation Eligibility Information.

Administrative Leave

Administrative Leave is available for the employee's personal use.

Personal Holidays

Staff employees are eligible for Personal Holiday time after six full calendar months of employment.

University Holidays

University Holidays will be determined each year by Rutgers. Click on this link to see all available Appointed Holidays.

Sick Time and Sick Leave

Sick time is a necessary period of absence because of illness that requires you to be absent from work. The above link will provide you with Eligibility information.

Bereavement Leave

An employee who is absent from work due to death in the immediate family may charge a limited period of absence from work to bereavement leave. Click the link above for additional information.

Jury Duty

The above link will provide you with information on pay for your participation on Jury Duty.

Calculating Paid Time Off for Staff

This link will provide with an overview on how paid time off is calculated for staff employees.

Compassionate Leave Program

The Compassionate Leave Program is a donated-leave bank benefit for qualifying Administrative (members of URA-AFT); Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC); and employees who are members of AFSCME Local #888 or HPAE Local#5094 who are experiencing medical hardship, either personally or in their immediate families.