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FAQ - Long Term Disability (ABP)

How long will long term disability benefits be paid?

Benefits will continue as long as the member remains disabled or until the member reaches age 70. If the member retires by receiving payments under the retirement annuity, the member is considered retired, and long-term disability benefits terminate.

I have recently become disabled, when should I apply for long-term disability benefits?

You should apply when you think you will be out of work longer than six months. Members become eligible to receive long-term disability benefits after six months of “total disability” however, you do not have to wait six months to apply.

What are the benefits? Will contributions be made to my ABP retirement plan?

Members are eligible to receive a regular income benefit up to 60% of base salary earned during the 12 months preceding the onset of the disability. This benefit is offset by any other periodic benefits the member may receive such as Workers’ Compensation, Social Security, etc. Additionally, the member’s mandatory (5%) contribution and the employer’s mandatory (8%) contribution continue to be credited to the member’s retirement account while on Long Term Disability status.

What constitutes total disability?

To be considered totally disabled, the member must be unable to perform one or more essential duties of his/her occupation. The member need not be confined to home, but must be under a doctor’s regular care. Twelve months after the onset of Long Term Disability payments, the member must be unable to engage in any gainful occupation for which he or she is suited by education, training or experience.