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ABP Long Term Disability

Who is eligible

Alternate Benefit Program (ABP) participants including regularly appointed faculty, visiting professors, part-time lecturers, and Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, Confidential and Administrative staff.

Effective date

Automatic one year of participation in the ABP program

Benefit Amount

After an initial 6-month waiting period, 60% of base salary earned during the 12 months preceding the onset of the disability

How it Works

  • If you become totally disabled, you may apply for long-term disability benefits up to 60% of your base salary
  • Your monthly benefit is offset by any other benefit you may receive such as Workers’ Compensation, short-term disability, or Social Security
  • Your and Rutgers' mandatory contributions are automatically credited to your retirement account while you are considered disabled
  • You must be disabled six consecutive months prior to receiving disability benefits
  • Disability benefits will be paid as long as you are disabled or until you reach age 70 or begin receiving retirement annuity benefits