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Personal Holidays

About Personal Holidays

  • Staff employees are eligible for Personal Holiday time after 6 full calendar months of employment
  • Like Administrative Leave, prioritization for use is based on emergencies, religious observances, and personal business other than university holidays
  • Personal Holidays are not cumulative, and unused balances at the end of the year are canceled
  • Always refer to the appropriate Collective Negotiations Agreements for any variations or additional details concerning university policy on PH days

Personal Holidays (PH) for Full-Time 12-Month Staff Employees

  • New staff employees receive 2 personal holidays (PH) days after 6 full calendar months of employment
  • Thereafter, 2 PH days available on July 1
  • Not cumulative
  • The rules for the use of PH days are the same as those applicable to AL days

Personal Holidays (PH) for Full-Time 10-Month Staff Employees

  • Full-time 10-month staff employees also receive 2 PH days
  • Not cumulative

Personal Holidays (PH) for Part-Time Staff Employees

  • As with AL, part-time staff employees receive a prorated amount based on part-time percentage
  • Not cumulative