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New Employee Orientation Toolkit for Managers

The New Employee Toolkit for Managers is designed to provide you with the information and resources necessary for a smooth transition for your new employee into the Rutgers community. As a manager, you understand the many rewards of successfully hiring a new faculty or staff member. You also understand that for a new employee to be successful, he or she needs to be oriented to the new position, department, and the university. You’re not alone in this task as University Human Resources offers a wide array of programs, services, and resources that help welcome and orient new faculty and staff to the university. Welcome and orientation programs are designed to create a positive, welcoming tone and convey that Rutgers is a great place to work!

New Employee Orientation

The New Employee Orientation is designed specifically for new staff, faculty, post-doctoral researchers, associates, Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants to learn more about Rutgers and help them to successfully acclimate to the university. Participants will also receive information on the many opportunities and array of benefits afforded to them as a Rutgers employee, including health plans, paid time off, and pension programs.  

Departmental personnel – or Human Resources, as appropriate – should schedule orientations for new employees within one week of their hire date, whenever possible. New employees should submit completed benefits forms to the appropriate Human Resources Department within 10 working days of attending the orientation.

New Brunswick Campus

During the months of July through October, 2013, New Employee Orientation sessions will be held each Monday at 8:30 a.m.- Noon in the University Human Resources Community Room, ASB II  on the G.H. Cook Campus. During the months of August and September, sessions may be held twice weekly as well as separate sessions for new Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants. Parking is available in the main lot at ASBII.

Rutgers-Camden Campus and Rutgers-Newark Campus

New employees on the Rutgers–Camden and Rutgers–Newark campuses will be offered orientation programs on their respective campuses every other Monday during the months of July through October, 2013 (orientation will be held monthly for July in Newark, and every other week following that). Orientation sessions are scheduled from 8:30 a.m. - Noon. In Camden, orientation for new employees will be held in the Athletic Center. Newark Campus orientation sessions will be held in the Human Resources Training Room, room 201, Blumenthal Hall.

Contact the Rutgers–Camden Human Resources Office at (856) 225-6475 or Rutgers–Newark Human Resources Office at (973) 353-5500 for information regarding program scheduling and details.

RBHS-Newark and RBHS-New Brunswick

For the months of July through October, 2013, New Employee Orientation sessions will be held every other Monday at the RBHS–Newark and RBHS–New Brunswick campuses.  At RBHS–Newark, orientation sessions will be held in the Administrative Complex (ADMC), Building 2.  At RBHS–New Brunswick, orientation sessions will be held at Liberty Plaza, 335 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08903.

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RUconnection Card

The RUconnection ID Card is the official university identification card, providing access to certain facilities and benefits based on an employee's job responsibilities and the negotiating agreements, applicable policies and the terms and conditions of their employment.  In order to receive an RUconnection ID card, new faculty and staff members must have a completed employee record in the PeopleSoft payroll system 3 business days prior to requesting an ID card.  Departments can complete a new employee's record prior to the employee's first day of work.  The ID card system relies on data from the payroll systems and automatic data feeds to populate the appropriate ID card data.

PLEASE NOTE - In order to ensure timely access to facilities, departments should, whenever possible, try to complete an employee's record in PeopleSoft  prior to the employee's first day of work, to ensure proper processing time for the employee's information to be transferred to the ID card system.  When arriving at the card-printing location, the new employee will have to show a valid form of government-issued identification, and will take a quick photo to be printed on the card.

For additional information about the RUconnection ID Card, please visit the ID Card website at

Email Account and Network System Access

NetID and Email Access

In order for your new employee to receive a NetID he or she must be on payroll. You will want to inform your employee about the requirement for a NetID and how to obtain one online. All employees are required to have a NetID upon employment, and most should have received communication about their NetID prior to employment.

In addition to obtaining their NetID, employees will be able to manage their Rutgers University email addresses through the NetID website.

Departmental Welcome and Orientation Programs

Departmental leaders play a critical role in guaranteeing new employees a smooth transition to Rutgers, the campus, and their job. In addition to the campus-based welcome and orientation program, departments should consider implementing a departmental orientation program that spans the first one to three months of employment. For assistance in designing a new employee orientation program for your department, contact the Professional Development Program or your HR Consultant for guidance.

Regular Employees

Faculty and staff should receive an orientation program that helps them better understand their responsibilities, department, and school/division. In addition, new faculty and staff should receive copies of any pertinent departmental materials including a process manual, calendar of recurring programs, and departmental contact list. The Orientation Checklist outlines some topics and activities managers may want to address during a departmental orientation.

Student Employees

Ordinarily, students are thought of primarily as beneficiaries of higher education services. However, many students serve as employees in various positions throughout the university. Many have direct contact with other students, visitors, and guests while serving in their employee roles. They play an important role as ambassadors for the university and in creating the “face” of the university.

Required Training

In order to comply with federal and State guidelines and ensure a safe, productive and healthy work environment at Rutgers, new employees may be required to complete training in the following areas:

  1. Ethics Training (all employees)
  2. Unlawful Harassment Training (all employees)
  3. Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety Training
  4. Defensive Driving
  5. FOR RBHS ONLY - State-Mandated Compliance Training

Rutgers Ethics Program

All employees are expected to understand the importance of ethics at Rutgers University. New employees will receive, and be expected to review and become familiar with, copies of the Rutgers University Code of Ethics and the Rutgers Plain Language Guide to Fundamental Ethics and Conflicts Rules Established by State Law, Federal Law, and University Policy. New employees will be provided the Receipt and Acknowledgement form, and will be required to complete and return the form to their departmental supervisor.

If an employee does not attend a campus-based welcome and orientation program, or does not login to the New Employee Portal to access these documents, the hiring department is obligated to provide these materials to the new employee. Relevant materials and forms can be found on the Ethics at Rutgers website. Additionally, supervisors need to communicate to new faculty and staff processes for submitting and reviewing ethics documents, including informing them of their area reviewer.

Parking Permits

Temporary Permits for Employees in Rutgers Positions

For new faculty or staff members employed in a Rutgers University position and reporting to work at Rutgers-New Brunswick, if you schedule the new employee for one of the New Employee Welcome and Benefits Orientation sessions, you will have the opportunity to provide the employee's vehicle information when registering them. University Human Resources provides this information to the Department of Transportation Services which will keep a record of new employees using temporary permits. If your new employee does not attend the welcome program, you may contact the Department of Transportation Services at 732-932-7744. Please note that an actual permit will not be provided. Such permits are kept electronically. This temporary permit will allow new faculty and staff to park on campus for 30 days.

Temporary Permits for Employees in Rutgers-Legacy UMDNJ Positions

Because parking is administered differently at Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS), new employees will need to obtain a one-day temporary parking pass from their HR representative, effective for their first day of work.  New Employees are expected to obtain a permanent parking pass by the end of their first day of employment.

Faculty and Staff Permits

All new employees can purchase a parking permit online or in person at their campus parking office. Refer employees to the Department of Transportation Services website for the fee schedule, parking maps, and other transportation resources.

Temporary Employee Permits

Parking permits may be purchased for temporary employees. The fee is dependent upon the length of time the permit is needed. Refer to the Department of Transportation Services website.

Staff Probationary Period

For all new regular, staff members, there is probationary period during the first months of their initial employment. The amount of time required for the probationary period is dependent upon the staff member’s employment classification and union affiliation, if any. This time is used to determine if performance meets the expectations of the position and if continued employment is warranted; it may be extended in consultation with University Human Resources.

Required Training

Some new employees may be required to participate in training to help them become acclimated to their job. University departments offer a wide range of programs that educate employees on institutional business practices, use of systems, and policy and compliance issues.

As a manager, it is your responsibility to inform new employees of any required training necessary for their position. Training programs are offered year-round and are free.

Note: Please inform new employees that failure to complete appropriate enrollment forms within the specified time frame may result in delay of coverage, compulsory enrollment, or loss of coverage.