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Military Leave - A Manager's Checklist

Employees serving in the Military Reserve or National Guard may be recalled to active duty status for extended periods of time. Employees who have been involuntarily recalled to active military duty, aside from their regular annual training obligations, may be entitled to a paid leave of absence and/or supplementary salary differential.

The following checklist can be used to help ensure:

  • The employee receives any compensation and benefits that they are entitled to during their leave
  • The employee’s benefits are administered correctly during their absence
  • An orderly transition for both the department and employee
  • University resources are safeguarded

For specific information regarding eligibility for paid leave of absence and/or supplementary salary differential, please contact University Human Resources.

Note: This checklist below is designed for most university employees. Individual departments and employees may require additional or different actions or arrangements upon an employee taking an extended leave. Please consult your divisional/departmental policies for special requirements.

Before an Employee Leaves

Taking the following steps prior to the employee leaving for military duty will help facilitate an efficient transition for the employee:

Notify University Human Resources of the upcoming military leave as soon as possible in order to have the employee’s payroll information updated by the start of their active duty. Please forward the following documents and information:

  • A copy of the active duty orders issued by the employee’s branch of service.
  • A Waiver of State Health Benefits Program Coverage form completed by the employee.
  • Written verification of the employee’s start of military service (PEBD) date.
  • Written instructions regarding any accrued paid time off (AL, PH and Vacation Days) that the employee wishes to use while on leave.

Refer benefits-eligible employee to our Life Events site for information about benefits during leaves of absence.

If the military leave period is scheduled  to continue through December 31st of the current year:

  • Inform the employee that reimbursement is available from Parking and Transportation Services for time remaining on a University parking permit
  • Remind the employee to have their authorized party contact Payroll if his/her home address changes before W2 forms are mailed.
  • Inform other department associates of the employee’s separation
  • Remind the employee to contact Rutgers University Libraries to ensure that all books and other library materials have been returned

Special Materials

If an employee works directly with Hazardous or Controlled Materials, these additional steps may be required prior to their leave:

  • Ensure all chemicals, radioactive materials, and other hazardous materials or samples used by the employee are properly labeled, stored, and/or disposed
  • Visually inspect the work area prior to the start of employee’s leave. Contact Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety if you have specific questions
  • Collect any radiation dose monitoring badges and return to Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety

When an Employee Leaves

Your department may wish to take following steps to help safeguard University resources and ensure an orderly transition of functions.

  • Collect all keys and access cards
  • Collect one-time password tokens (for example, Secure ID, SAFEWORD)
  • Review employee’s computer accounts and notify Administrative Computing Services regarding suspensions of access if necessary.
  • Arrange for transfer of phone calls/voice mail/emails to other staff as appropriate
  • Update forms, web pages, and publications to reflect new contact(s) as appropriate
  • Send out notification to applicable departments and individuals with details concerning the transition of responsibilities during the leave
  • Update documentation of work processes for which the employee has primary responsibility

The following are additional steps that should be taken for those employees with specific access to university property and financial resources:

  • Change safe combinations, and lock codes known to the employee as required
  • Recover University equipment from the employee (pagers, cell phones, computers, tools, etc.).
  • Recover petty cash funds from the employee. Reconcile these funds and ensure the employee is removed from university records as a custodian of these funds
  •  Ensure all cash advances are cleared

When the Employee Returns

Taking the following steps upon to the employee’s returning from military duty will help ensure that the employee’s pay and benefits are correct:

Notify University Human Resources of the employee’s return from military leave as soon as possible in order to have the employee’s payroll information updated by the first pay period following return. Please forward the following documents and information:

  •  A copy of the employee’s military discharge from active duty (DD214)
  • Written verification of the date the employee is returning to the university